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Public Affairs Committee Chair nominations/vote

PAO Committee Chair  

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Now accepting nominations for the PAO chair. Please include a brief summary of your plans w the position. This position is open to all FMQd pilots. 

Edit: Sorry for the delay, please vote for the PAO Committee Chair!

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I formally nominate myself, 

What i would like to see if appointed to this position, I would like to see more posts inviting pilots interesting in learning and bring new ideas to the Strike group. I would like to post information about the wing to all platforms (Instagram, FB and DCS forums). I would also like to become a gateway between the outside world and the recruitment officer and Command Staff.  Other things that I would like to see would be recruitment videos when possible to help advertise the type of training and other things DCS,

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  • VFA-14 XO

Thanks for the nomination.

I would like to focus our efforts on production of high quality video, to bolster recruitment in a persistent manner. I think social media channels like FB, and Instagram are an integral part of any PR push (whether we like it or not) and I would appreciate the team's help in promoting our content, our twitch streams and recruitment drives throughout the use of those channels.

My experience in the relevant sectors includes running 2 fledgling Radio Control flying channels over the years and a newcomer YT channel with ca 4.6k subs in a niche where the biggest full-time content producers push 50-100k subs, as well as having been a supermod on rcsparks.com (DJMEDIC) a few years back. I also shoot and edit photo and video content part time for various non-game clients. These endeavors are now all hampered by the pandemic, but gaming overall, and particularly simulation games are going through a second renaissance right now and we could really capitalise on that.

We already have excellent content producers, who regularly post to twitch and archive their content to YouTube. If we can harness this, with a bit of polish we can really raise the profile of vCSG-3. In this community, we all have very capable hardware (as a requirement for the sim itself) and that sets us apart from the majority of gamers in our potential to produce truly great multiplayer content.

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