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Jetlag Callsign

JetLag Callsign  

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  1. 1. What Should Jetlag's new callsign be?

    • 300
    • Fumes
    • Gassy
    • Vapor

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Hear Ye Hear Ye, Before the unit lies the very important task of choosing a name for one of our own. He goes by the god awful name of "Jetlag". Which is meant to strike fear into the hearts of his enemy's? We think not good sir. We are now taking suggestions for his new callsign. Please be brutal as he will not afford you the same quarter when its your turn.  During our Training Session on Tuesday, Jetlag launched after the rest of the flight and went to rendezvous, He missed us by just a bit and ended up 300 miles away from the flight, during his return, he then ran out of gas, still some 250 miles from the tanker. I propose we re-dub him in the traditional fashion. For your consideration:


"300" In the memory of the 300 spartans, we give him one life for each mile he departed


"Fumes" For the fuel level he ended on


"Gassy" for his desire to find the tanker


"Vapor" for that which in the end could not hold up his wings



That's not the ocean, its off the map

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