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Group Committees

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The following committees will be responsible to managing the core components of our group. Each committee is chaired by a command staff member and assisted by members within the group. Line pilots and staff members with an interest to contribute to a committee of their choice are encouraged to contact the respective committee chair.

Chaired by: Flow
Responsible for development and implementation of a standardized training program throughout the group. Maintain and create training materials and specialized training missions where needed. Responsible for qualifying instructor pilots and ensuring IPs teach within standards of the group through monthly stands meetings. Maintain programs to qualify collateral duties such as LSO, aggressor, Section Lead, Division Lead, Package Commander and Mission Commander. 
Committee Members: 

Chaired by: SCOOP
Responsible for the maintaining of social media accounts and recruitment material. Tasked with aiding new members in initial setup.
Committee Members: 

Web Management
Chaired by: Wile E
Responsible for maintaining the web based systems of the group to include updating website and forums along with virtual private server and discord. Responsible for repo management.
Committee Members: Palehorse, Bones

Chaired by: Vacant
Tasked with defining standards such as how leadership is selected and promoted within the group. Determine manner by which leadership is removed where necessary. Identify qualifications necessary of staff. 
Committee Members: Dino, Tazer, Thud

Mission Development
Chaired by: Dino
Tasked with creating and testing weekly missions for the group. Train interested individuals on mission creation and CombatFlite. 
Committee Members: Mouse, Sarge, Cake

Chaired by: Flow
Research and publish tactics and procedures relevant to group such as weapons envelopes and best practices for air to air and air to surface employment. Update and publish materials relating to this. 
Committee Members: 

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