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Welcome to the forums of Virtual Carrier Strike Group 3. Make yourself at home and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

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  4. how about bear with me for a sec let's keep it Dino jk speedo ftw
  5. This sounds like a badge of Honor good sirs! Speedo's ready.......FRONT!!!
  6. Nasa On account as he has nasa's internet and gear
  7. Spéédo Spëëdo Spèédo Spéèdo
  8. Hear Ye Hear Ye, Before the unit lies the very important task of choosing a name for one of our own. He goes by the god awful name of "Dino". Which is meant to strike fear into the hearts of his enemy's? We think not, good sir. We are now taking suggestions for his new callsign. Please be brutal as he will not afford you the same quarter when its your turn. I shall open the options with Speedo.
  9. This will be the introductory webinar in a series to teach the basics of mission building in DCS World. Reference:
  10. Dino

    Tuesday Night Fight

    Please RSVP
  11. Pre-holiday group flight night using the dynamic server!
  12. The following committees will be responsible to managing the core components of our group. Each committee is chaired by a command staff member and assisted by members within the group. Line pilots and staff members with an interest to contribute to a committee of their choice are encouraged to contact the respective committee chair. Training Chaired by: Flow Responsible for development and implementation of a standardized training program throughout the group. Maintain and create training materials and specialized training missions where needed. Responsible for qualifying instructor pilots and ensuring IPs teach within standards of the group through monthly stands meetings. Maintain programs to qualify collateral duties such as LSO, aggressor, Section Lead, Division Lead, Package Commander and Mission Commander. Committee Members: Recruitment Chaired by: SCOOP Responsible for the maintaining of social media accounts and recruitment material. Tasked with aiding new members in initial setup. Committee Members: Web Management Chaired by: Wile E Responsible for maintaining the web based systems of the group to include updating website and forums along with virtual private server and discord. Responsible for repo management. Committee Members: Palehorse, Bones Standards Chaired by: Vacant Tasked with defining standards such as how leadership is selected and promoted within the group. Determine manner by which leadership is removed where necessary. Identify qualifications necessary of staff. Committee Members: Dino, Tazer, Thud Mission Development Chaired by: Dino Tasked with creating and testing weekly missions for the group. Train interested individuals on mission creation and CombatFlite. Committee Members: Mouse, Sarge, Cake TACOPS Chaired by: Flow Research and publish tactics and procedures relevant to group such as weapons envelopes and best practices for air to air and air to surface employment. Update and publish materials relating to this. Committee Members:
  13. Handle Because it’s what he needs to get a grip on
  14. How about “greenie”?
  15. "RU" as in RuPaul, Drag Queen
  16. Due to him flying a mission with his gear down and couldn’t figure out why (even with burner), it’s time....throw your options here. And at the end of the day we will poll close it before Saturday’s mission. option suggestions: dangles poke
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