<![CDATA[Virtual Carrier Strike Group Three - NEWS]]>Sat, 07 Mar 2020 20:47:12 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Naval Aviation Graduates Begin Training.]]>Fri, 14 Feb 2020 09:10:44 GMThttp://vcsg3.com/news/naval-aviation-graduates-begin-training
Naval aviators of class 20-01 arrived at their squadrons on Thursday to begin training in their primary aircraft.  The new fliers will participate in a training program which evaluates their basic knowledge of aviation, their assigned aircraft, and basic flight maneuvers.  Once Initial Qualifications Training (IQT) is completed, the new pilots will move on into the more rigorous and technical phase of Mission Capable Qualifications (MCQ), where they will learn to land on the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier.  
<![CDATA[93d Fighter Squadron on Detachment]]>Fri, 18 Oct 2019 03:05:16 GMThttp://vcsg3.com/news/93d-fighter-squadron-on-detachment
​Pilots assigned to the 93d Fighter Squadron “Makos” on detachment to Key West Naval Air Station. The 93FS is assigned to JTF 46.5 which is scheduled to deploy to the Persian Gulf early next month amid mounting tensions between the United States and Iran.
<![CDATA[vCSG-3 stands up VFA-86 "Sidewinders"]]>Mon, 02 Sep 2019 18:05:41 GMThttp://vcsg3.com/news/vcsg-3-stands-up-vfa-86-sidewinders
As Virtual Carrier Strike Group Three and Joint Task Force 46.5 near the end of their pre-deployment workup cycle, we are proud to announce the activation of VFA-86 "Sidewinders," a West Coast based squadron which we hope will further expand our availability to aviators outside the Eastern U.S. time zones. CDR J. "Flow" Flowers, Prospective Commanding Officer of VFA-86 was quoted as saying that he's "excited for the change and can't wait to have the best BFM squadron in the wing." We could not confirm if "Flow" was in fact the best dog fighter at the time of this articles writing but sources close to the story indicate that "Flow" knows his way around a 1 circle fight and has ruined many a nights for those on various PvP servers.
<![CDATA[93d FS Begins Recruiting Viper Pilots!]]>Mon, 15 Jul 2019 21:20:16 GMThttp://vcsg3.com/news/93d-fs-begins-recruiting-viper-pilots
As the release of the F-16C Viper draws closer Carrier Strike Group 3 and Joint Task Force 46.5 have opened recruitment for future viper drivers who are interested in taking the virtual fight to it's enemies! The 93d Fighter Squadron Commanding Officer, Lt Col Wayne "Thud" Lemke was quoted as saying he's excited for the release of the viper and looks forward to the challenges faced of integrating Navy and Air Force combat aircraft into conflicts across the virtual battlefield.

While 93d-FS impatiently awaits the Viper release, pilots will conduct training and missions in the F/A-18C. If your interested in joining the ranks of the "Makos" be sure to drop an application and stop by our discord to ask any questions you may have!
<![CDATA[CSG-3 Activates JTF-46.5]]>Sat, 22 Jun 2019 02:48:43 GMThttp://vcsg3.com/news/csg-3-activates-jtf-465
Virtual Carrier Strike Group 3 has begun standing up squadrons under Joint Task Force 46.5. Facing a determined and lethal enemy, Strike Group Three looks to expand their capabilities in an ever changing combat environment as it continues to support allies around the globe while fulfilling one of its core capabilities, power projection. When asked about the expansion, VFA-14 Commanding Officer and former OH-58 Crew Chief, CDR Wayne "Thud" Lemke was quoted as saying, "Um, yeah it's super exciting to add these new birds and all to the fleet but when's someone gonna make a Kiowa? HOOOOAAAH, GO CAV!" Requests for information from Eagle Dynamics about the potential development of a OH-58 Kiowa were met with no comment.
<![CDATA[Strike Group Three Heads to the Boat!]]>Mon, 22 Apr 2019 19:21:05 GMThttp://vcsg3.com/news/strike-group-three-heads-to-the-boat

As tensions continue to rise in the Central Command Area of Operations and in particular the Straits of Hormuz, Virtual Carrier Strike Group THREE continues to sharpen its combat edge.

This week, naval aviators from VF-103 and VFA-14 continue to progress through their pre-deployment work up cycle by heading to the USS John C. Stennis for refresher training on carrier operations. A strike groups ability to operate from the moving runways of a aircraft carrier distinguish themselves from their Air Force and Army counterparts.

In an interview with vCSG-3 Public Affairs Officer, Lt. AJ "SCOOP" Vella, he reiterated that vCSG-3's ability to operate from both the land and sea allow for them to fulfill two of U.S. Navy's core objectives of the 21st century, Power Projection and Sea Control and thus meets the combat readiness needs of regional and theater commanders. During a period of time when Iranian and Russian aggression in the CENTCOM AOR is on the rise, having a well trained and professional Navy is more important than ever.

​Lt. Vella, a Canadian by birth, but American by choice continued on to reiterate the need for Canadian Navy integration in vCSG-3's work up and deployment cycle, however after further research, we have yet to discover any Canadian Aircraft Carriers listed in the official Royal Canadian Ship's Registry.

<![CDATA[CSG-3 Heads to NTTR on Det]]>Thu, 28 Mar 2019 02:31:33 GMThttp://vcsg3.com/news/march-27th-2019
Carrier Strike Group THREE which is based out of Norfolk, VA has begun workups in the Nevada Test and Training Range in preparation for it's deployment to the CENTCOM area of operations later this year. CSG-3 will support ongoing efforts by coalition forces in the region to bolster partner nation defenses while managing Iranian and Russian aggression.